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What leadership lessons have I learned in the past two years?

As President of a professional association in New York City during the pandemic, here are ten of the leadership lessons I’ve learned, so far:

1. Every single person on the planet has had a different life experience than every single person they have met, lived with or worked with.

2. Human beings have disagreed with one another for centuries yet growth has still been achieved.

3. Fear, more than anything else, cripples progress.

4. Our minds can make us healthy or make us sick.

5. Who you spend time with and reading about matters.

6. Working on goals together is the best way to know one another.

7. The people who are leading in the world spend the least amount of time in conflict and the most amount of time in collaboration.

8. The members of sustainable teams know how to shine a light on solutions, even when the team members are in disagreement.

9. Our problems have a pattern. Don’t let that pattern trip you up.

10. Time moves forward and stops for nothing. We need to get done what we need to get done.

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