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One on One Coaching

Jeanne’s clients learn to get big things done in the face of conflict whether shows up in their head, heart, or the outside world.


They learn to identify generative ways to look at opportunities and apply insights with speed producing results in a fast-moving timeframe.


Book a complimentary leadership session via Zoom 


Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the visionary within YOU

  • Keep your best people 

  • Deliver results

  • Start and finish more 

  • Speak up

  • Carry a timer to your fights

  • Meet the right people

  • Align with your work

  • Access the expression of their inner gift

Benefits for those you lead and serve

  • Reframe your communication to inspire deeper collaboration

  • Become a driving force for what you believe 

  • Implement the language of efficiency and problem solving

  • Imbue a visionary mindset and 10x your profits and rich collaborations

My Promise to You

You will spend less time in conflict and more time producing the results you seek. You will use new tools to master the conversations you have with clients and prospective clients.  You will learn to listen to those you lead and retain talent you employ.  You will learn to navigate chaos and uncover what you need from it to improve the systems you own.


"Jeanne was instrumental in helping me distill my various skills and experiences and actions and thinking into distinct messages tailored to particular audiences. Her 1:1 coaching results were immediate and profound, with a number of speaking gigs in large venues, panel discussions, lunch and learn training sessions, and publication of targeted articles to bolster my position as a subject matter expert. Jeanne’s influence looms large in my plans for next year and beyond."

 - Taylor T. Gray - UBS

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