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Professional Speaker . Facilitator . Content Weaver 


Changing the future of leadership means thinking differently.

Helping boards, CEOS and executive teams get big things done when the people at the table have different views, opinions, and agendas.


Each program outlined below has a training and development track that produces a deeper and more meaningful integration of the learnings.  


Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about how these programs can improve your collaboration goals.

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"Jeanne is a gifted facilitator, motivator and relationship builder..."

- Tara Sophia Mohr - NYTimes best-selling author -


Facilitator . Content Weaver . Host .

Jeanne M. Stafford brings decades of experience in the political, consulting and speaking spaces to reinvent audience collaboration for her clients.  The goal is to create an environment of excitement and keep participants engaged and armed with the ability to implement what they learn. 


Jeanne creates a relationship with the audience that is unforgettable and aligned with each client’s event goals.

My Promise to You

Jeanne designs her programs to meet her clients where they are today and where they would like to be in the future. Outcomes include and are not limited to elevated engagement of all participants, team members trained in audience engagement, and enhanced systems of cooperation.  

Reinvent Collaboartion
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Topic Description


Participants learn to achieve success within the parameters of the shared goal. Interactive exercises include role playing where real situations train the audience to reframe conflict and misunderstanding and get people back on track. A fresh perspective and innovative skillset can be implemented immediately at work and at home.


Best Audiences


Annual Meetings and Kick Offs, Government, Executive Management, Trade Associations

Learning Objectives

  • Identify common goals by reframing the middle

  • Learn how to better listen – not to respond but to understand and learn

  • Discover the three subconscious thoughts that are holding you back

  • Learn the words to reframe every conversation into one that is directly tied to common goals and objectives

  • Turn individual conflict into common action

Benefits for You and Your Organization

  • Potential clients feel you understand their problems and are part of the solution

  • Employees learn to move through conflict and are not stunted by it

  • Corporate vison is top of mind in your employees 

Benefits for Your Audience Members

  • Awareness that disagreement is not personal

  • Ignite meaningful action

  • Diplomacy is a priority

My Promise to You

Audiences will experience a level of truthful conversation they have not experienced anywhere else. They will learn the tools to feel safe in an environment of differences. They will trust themselves and be better communicators and advocates for your message as a result.

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Topic description


The energy of conflict can be destructive. In this session participants learn to get big things done even when the people involved have different opinions, agendas and points of view.  The fact that people disagree is not the problem. That is a part of life.  We’ve all been taught that conflict is fearsome. When we can handle conflict with an energy that can bring us all together then we can accomplish bigger goals than we ever thought possible.


Best Audiences


C-Suite Executives, Government, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Brokers

Learning Objectives

  • Manage clients more effectively

  • Communicate strategically

  • Take charge of the room

  • Yield charge to engage conversation

Benefits to you and your audience

  • Discover how to retain top talent 

  • Learn to ask the right question when differing opinions are strongly held

  • Understand where they can get to the heart of the matter faster

My Promise To You

Audiences learn to better collaborate. They sleep at night because they have fewer conflicts and know the conflicts they do have become fuel for productive change. The workplace is calmer and more energized because of this.  People spot and take action with greater meaning. They feel a part of something bigger. 

The Devotion factor
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JMS Reinventing Leadership Jeanne M Stafford Leadership Advisor Professional Speaker Collaboration Specialist Author.JPG


Be a Driving Force for Progress 

Based on the book and workbook – Fall 2023

Topic Description


Participants learn to focus on the present and future of their work. They learn their connection to the progress they generate and the value in collaborations with others. In the long-term, audiences implement change faster and with greater enthusiasm.


Best Audiences


CEOs, Government, Annual Meetings

Learning Objectives

  • Understand your personal core principles and how they ignite action in others

  • Be able to communicate what you believe without alienating people

  • Implement effective decision-making strategies with long lasting impact

  • Discover how knowing what you stand for will help you spend less time in conflict

Benefits for you and your audience

  • Reframe the way collaboration moves goals to completion

  • Inspire others with your conviction

  • Anticipate, design, and implement change faster

My Promise To You

Audiences will learn to shift their focus away from solutions where “others” are changed and toward routinely educating themselves. They will adapt new methods of improvement where they are freed up to be who they are meant to be.  They will solve problems faster and trust their intuition in the process.

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