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Collaboration Specialist

Leaders and their teams learn to listen with less judgement and foster the ability to collaborate.  They sleep at night because they’re in fewer conflicts and understand that the conflicts they do have are fuel for productive change. 


As a result, the workplace is calmer and paradoxically more energized.  They have a deeper understanding of what constitutes the team, and they focus more strongly on connection and solutions.


United in a goal they become devoted. Devotion leads them to believing in themselves. In believing they free themselves from extra rules and become more creative. Any cynicism is replaced by shared energy, optimism, and a desire by employees to stick around.

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Learning Objectives

  • Reinventing Conversations – Talent learns tools to reach the common goal

  • Shorter meetings – designed and a leader is designated

  • Difficult Team dynamics are explored and reinvented to serve the future

  • Talent learns to speak up and contribute with confidence

  • Networking practices enhance productivity

  • Conflicts are reduced as talent is trained to carry a timer to all “fights”

Benefits for your company

  • Teams learn to reframe conflict and improve collaboration

  • Individuals learn to become a driving force for what they believe 

  • Clients find greater harmony when they communicate with your firm

  • Productivity can increase as much as 10x your business

My Promise To You

Talent will understand the vison and believe they’re a part of it.  They will learn that the common goal is the best focus.  They will learn that on the road to success fellow employees will get to know each other and understand how differences make the end product that much richer!


“Jeanne is a very energetic, creative and knowledgeable trainer/advisor who will increase the communication and relationship skills of everyone who works with her."

- Ed Robinson . Vistage Chair, Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Trainer - 

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