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7 Ways Devoted Leaders Out-Charm their Adversaries

Devoted leaders understand themselves better than they understand anyone else.

They are not easily distracted. They know how big things get done. They know who does what well.

Because they focus on self-mastery devoted leaders are steadfast in delivering results. Their teams know what they need and how they want it achieved. They are focused on their Devotion Factor.

The definition of The Devotion Factor is — rather than simply living, it’s living for something. It’s being in the world in the name of a principle or an idea or a person. It’s using what you are for as a driving force for your existence. My mission is to have a long-term effect on how we share what we’re for and how we feel when we do.

We all benefit when we feel safe talking about what we’re for. When we feel safe, the people listening to us feel that way and the positive ripple effect continues. The 7 steps below all work together. When one or more is practiced they build upon each other, and devoted leaders soar together.

1 Be a student of history — Read about the leaders of the past and become an expert in those from the industry in which you make an impact. Being a student of history strengthens your ability to stand out in conversation and elevate all discussion. You bring knowledge of patterns from the past that build trust to plan for the future.

2 Nurture strong relationships — Start new relationships in new places with routine. You can do this on LinkedIn when you read a post that resonates with you. You can do this at networking events in person. There is nothing like human connection. Energy elevates. Make and nurture strong relationships.

3 Advocate for what you believe — as you practice the steps above you lead, inspire, and engage others with your higher-level thinking. You connect what you continue to learn and you’re letting people in on a deeper level of knowledge about what you’re for.

4 Serve the public — Volunteer for a nonprofit that’s important to you or important to someone you love or admire. Volunteer in person, raise money and consider board service to lead the organization to next level growth. Consider running for office locally or supporting someone who is. Learn about the deeper problems that can be solved when public service works.

5 Time your fights — The stress an extended fight carries can kill our Devotion Factor. It hurts our ability to stay open to people, ideas, and opportunity. Carry a stopwatch to your fights, time your fights and always remember what you are for. Fights are meant to wake something up, strengthen a perspective and enhance a point of view. Fights also exist in our heads and hearts. These are the most important fights to which we can carry a stopwatch.

6 Lean into where you agree with whom you disagree — Often we only need to listen to viewpoints that are different than ours in order to achieve big things together. As we listen, we often uncover common devotions even when points of view are vastly different.

7 Live with intention and understanding — Intention has the power to direct you to exactly where you need to be. Understanding is an openness to possibility. Focusing on your Devotion Factor is an inside job with an outside impact. Activate your Devotion Factor with these steps.

· Understand in what ways you’re a force for good · Invest in that self-awareness · Breathe life into experiences others are having because you are repeatedly doing it with the experiences you are having.

Devoted leaders are intentional with their time and focus. We need to think differently than the people who came before us. We need to intentionally focus on what we are devoted to in order to get big things done.

This world will continue to present us with distraction and division. Fight back by activating your Devotion Factor!

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