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6 Things Happy Parents Do to Stay Happy

As wonderful as the journey of parenthood is, it's not always easy and, as parents, we often beat ourselves up for feeling like we're not doing enough to empower our children. Start simply with your own happiness, and awareness of your own behavior so that it's supportive and engaging with your little ones.

6 Things Happy Parents do to Stay Happy.

1. They are their best advisors.

We are often tempted as parents to take advice on the best tutors, the perfect camps, the better team and often this advice can take us away from our internal parenting compass. No one knows your child better than you do. Thank the great advisors for their input and for sharing what they know. Remember, you know what you know.

2. They are rarely on the phone when they are with their children.

Once in a while being on the phone or texting in front of our children is necessary. Be aware of how often you are doing it. If you notice it's more than you would like then practice doing it less.

3. They "see" the child in front of them before they ask that child a question.

As parents we are often tempted to find out if something we asked our children to do was done yet. We want to check in about grades, sports practice updates, applications, chores and many items we may have assigned them. If this is the first thing we do when we see them they will want to be around us less especially when they have not accomplished the remaining task we are connected to.

4. They take great care of themselves.

If you want your child to grow up as a self sufficient, thriving adult, BE ONE! Model what it looks like to take care of you.

5. They have relationships that make them feel supported and joyful.

Let them see you enjoying yourself with others. If you have a hobby that includes other people make sure your children see the joy you share in that space with these people.

6. They say "I love you" more than once a day.

Say what you are feeling when you are looking at them and thinking how adorable they are. When you are feeling love for them, tell them.

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