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3 Words You Need in 2018

As I enter 2018 I will focus on three of my new favorite words. These words mean more to me now as a woman, a mother, a business owner, a colleague and a friend than they ever have before. They mean more to me after experiences I have had with success and disappointment in my personal and professional life.

When I think of these words I make decisions faster, rely more on my instincts and find it easier to move forward.

I hope they help you.

1.) Trust

Think about what you think more than you think about what others think. This will help you expand the reservoir of trust within you. When we think for other people we give our power away. The best way to build trust is to nurture it everyday in ourselves. When you trust yourself, others will trust you. With more trust in the world, I feel giddy thinking about what we could achieve.

You have likely had professional success and may be at a point where you’d like to feel better about your success. Learn to trust that you are the sum of the events in your life. You have what you need to get where you want to go and choose who you want to go there with.

2.) Advocate

When you trust yourself you become a better advocate and others tend to want to advocate for YOU.

Throughout my career, I benefitted when colleagues and employers put in a good word and advocated for me. As a result I have learned to advocate for others. Advocacy is having the courage to put our name on the line for someone we know who has what the job, position or gig requires.

We’ve lost many of the chances for this kind of advocacy because we connect differently than we used to. When we upload resumes and send e-mails and increasingly communicate through a virtual work we miss out the opportunity to build the personal connections that lead to strong advocacy.

Reactivating this means operating outside of your comfort zone. Know when it’s time to focus more on taking some leaps. Know when it’s time to do this for others and ask your fans to advocate for you.

3.) Rise

With trust and strong sense of advocacy it’s easier to rise.

When you let go of more than you take in, you will see and hear more of what you need to rise. It’s easier to rise when we regularly let go. Believe that most of your biggest hurdles are behind you. Note exactly what they were and where you are now. Make a list of what has worked and what you are grateful for. Look at where you are now and think of yourself as rising.

It’s powerful to be able to approach the present and the future with the wisdom we’ve gleaned from our past. We can turn challenges into opportunities when we realize we have been there before, we got through it last time and we can now move forward with success.

May your 2018 uncover immeasurable prosperity as you you learn to Trust, Advocate and Rise!

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