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It’s the simplest things that lead to true fulfillment and joy—Think, Drink, Eat, and Move to your best life ever!Are you stuck? Are you unable to find fulfillment or happiness in your everyday life? Are you feeling overwhelmed by decisions and expectations?Do you find it hard to say “YES” to yourself?Jeanne M. Stafford was once like you, and she conquered her doubts, fears, and paralysis with a method that’s both powerful and simple—as simple, in fact, as getting out of bed in the morning. For two decades, Jeanne has shared her vision with clients ranging from CEOs and generals to entrepreneurs and parents. And they all credit Jeanne with helping turn their lives around.This remarkable little book packs an impressive punch, distilling Jeanne’s message into a simple workbook that is both inspirational and supremely useful. Beautifully illustrated, unimaginably wise, and brilliantly concise, Think. Drink. Eat. Move.: 4 Steps to YES is the perfect gift for someone you care about—including yourself.

Think. Drink. Eat. Move: 4 Steps to Yes

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