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Topic Description


Participants learn to achieve success within the parameters of the shared goal. Interactive exercises include role playing where real situations train the audience to reframe conflict and misunderstanding and get people back on track. A fresh perspective and innovative skillset can be implemented immediately at work and at home.


Top Audiences


Annual Meetings and Kick Offs, Government, Executive Management, Trade Associations

Learning Objectives

  • Identify common goals by reframing the middle

  • Learn how to better listen – not to respond but to understand and learn

  • Discover the three subconscious thoughts that are holding you back

  • Learn the words to reframe every conversation into one that is directly tied to common goals and objectives

  • Turn individual conflict into common action

Benefits for You and Your Organization

  • Potential clients feel you understand their problems and are part of the solution

  • Employees learn to move through conflict and are not stunted by it

  • Corporate vison is top of mind in your employees 

Benefits for Your Audience Members

  • Awareness that disagreement is not personal

  • Ignite meaningful action

  • Diplomacy is a priority

My Promise to You

Audiences will experience a level of truthful conversation they have not experienced anywhere else. They will learn the tools to feel safe in an environment of differences. They will trust themselves and be better communicators and advocates for your message as a result.

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