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Be a Driving Force for Progress 

Based on the book and workbook – Spring 2023

Topic Description


Participants learn to focus on the present and future of their work. They learn their connection to the progress they generate and the value in collaborations with others. In the long-term, audiences implement change faster and with greater enthusiasm.


Best Audiences


CEOs, government, annual meetings

Learning Objectives

  • Understand your personal core principles and how they help others

  • Learn proven ways to communicate what you believe without alienating people

  • Discover effective decision-making strategies with long lasting impact

  • Find out how knowing what you stand for will help you spend less time in conflict

Benefits for you and your audience

  • Reframe the way communication moves goals to completion

  • Inspire others with your conviction

  • Anticipate, Design, and Implement change faster

My Promise To You

Audiences will learn to shift their focus away from solutions where “others” are changed and toward routinely educating themselves. They will adapt new methods of improvement where they are freed up to be who they are meant to be.  They will solve problems faster and trust their intuition in the process.

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