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Topic description


The energy of conflict can be destructive. In this session participants learn to get big things done even when the people involved have different opinions agendas and points of view.  The fact that people disagree is not the problem. That is a part of life.  We’ve all been taught that conflict is fearsome. When we can handle conflict with an energy that can bring us all together then we can accomplish bigger goals than we ever thought possible.


Best audiences


C-Suite executives, government, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Brokers

Learning Objectives

  • Manage clients more effectively

  • Communicate strategically

  • Take charge of the room

  • Yield charge to engage conversation

Benefits to you and your audience

  • Discover how to retain top talent 

  • Learn to ask the right question when differing opinions are strongly held

  • Understand where they can get to the heart of the matter faster

My Promise To You

Audiences learn to better collaborate. They sleep at night because they have fewer conflicts and know the conflicts, they do have become fuel for productive change. The workplace is calmer and more energized because of this.  People spot and take action with greater meaning. They feel a part of something bigger. 

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